Post-Doctoral Scholar (working with Dean and Professor Richard L. Corsi)

This position will involve a combination of laboratory and field experiments related to effective and cost-accessible indoor air cleaning devices for reduction of inhalation dose of virus- laden aerosol particles, wildfire smoke, and aerosol particles from other sources, as well as select gaseous pollutants.

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Research Statement

Research has always been important to me. It is exciting and energizing. It is about exploration. It is about discovery. It is about innovation. And to me it is also about teaching.
I have maintained four criteria that define my research efforts. The research must be: (1) unbiased and of the highest quality and integrity, (2) novel, filling important voids in the existing knowledge base of specific topics, (3) of potential for meaningful outcomes, even if many years after the original work, and (4) a valuable educational experience for graduate and undergraduate students.
My research interests have evolved over my career, starting in the domain of cross-media contaminant transport and toxic chemical emissions to outdoor air, and later focusing on indoor air quality and chemical reactions that occur in buildings. Studies have involved a wide range of scales and methods, including benchtop, pilot scale, and field experiments, and mathematical/numerical modeling. I have served as principal investigator on over 70 funded research projects (including industry follow-on projects) over the past 29 years. This funding has supported and helped to train students, many of whom remain active in research in their own careers. Funding sources have been diverse, including federal and state agencies, industry, and not-for-profit organizations. And my team has occasionally done research without funding when we find it possible to explore, just for the heck of it.